Biggest Carp by weight caught in Philadelphia County in 2005
Photo must be submitted by Saturday December 31, 2005 
Winner receives from $100-200! AND This Custom Trophy Belt Buckle! 

Notice the mirror carp, hair rig, boilie and Philly skyline...

Here are the RULES:

When the county is divided by a water body, such as the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers, a fish landed from the non-Philadelphia side will still count, provided it is directly opposite Philadelphia county. Go Camden!


Market Street

Spring Garden Street

West River Drive


Entry MUST include 2 photos; one clear side view photo of the fish in the anglers hands, and one photo of the fish being weighed.  Fish MUST be weighed carefully in a net or sling. Weighing heavy carp by their gill plates can cause serious injury, infection and death.  Pictures of bloody, battered or otherwise mistreated fish will not count.

Catch Details including:
Anglers Name,
Contact Information,
 (email, phone or home address)
Fish Weight in pounds and ounces,
& Date

MUST accompany the pictures and be posted on our message board or be submitted by email to
A mailing address for hard copy photos will be available upon request; just ask.

All pictures become the property of, and will most likely be posted publicly on our website. It's up to you to tell the truth, don't be a jerk. We know what 10, 15, 20, or 30 pound carp look like... Even if you hold them out.

Boathouse Row

Girard Avenue

Kelly Drive

Kelly Drive

The winner will receive $100.

An additional $100 will be granted if the winner is a member of the Carp Anglers Group at the time of submission. Winner could join after the fish is caught, but before submission and still be eligible for the bonus $100. A generous CAG member donated $50 to this prize, but wished to remain anonymous. 


Anglers must obey all Pennsylvania State Fishing Laws.

This is a rod and reel only contest

Fish must be released safely to count.

In the event of a tie, the angler's second best fish will be used as a breaker, so take lots of carp photos!


Kelly Drive

Ridge Avenue

Ridge Avenue

Ridge Avenue

Any questions can be directed to our message board. management will not be eligible to enter, but we intend to play along for fun. As always, we will still be happy to give honest advice.

In case of unforeseen legalities, suspicion of cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, flagrant meanness, etcetera, we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason or change any of the details at any time.

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