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NJ Carp!

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#1 CarloFunk


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 07:22 AM

Well thank you PAC! I finally got on some carp for the first time since i was probably 12 years old.

I must thank Doc Watson personally for the suggestion on the body of water, great place to start out! Might have taken me a couple of days to figure it out but i got there..

I just got a "feeder kit" from wackerbaits.com and was very eager to try out this fancy new "method" feeding." I set up 2 poles, one with a weightless coil and the other with a larger weighted 50g feeder.

Day 1- I used the wackerbaits "buckeye blend," and used Pineapple boilies and Mulberry flavored maize as hookbaits. I saw multiple carp rolling and a mystery animal took my maize hook but I went all Bassmasters Classic on it and ripped the hook out of its mouth, I think i just picked the rod up too soon.

Day 2- Ran out of the purchased method mix, so I went to Oatmeal, Creamed corn, and sweet corn. Kept the feeders and rigs exactly the same, except this time i did pineapple boilie + maize and then the other rig with sweetcorn and maize together... Again, saw carp rolling but no action on my lines. As i was waiting i was just dinking around with my ultralight pole and decided to put a #8 hook with no weight or anything directly to the mainline and put 4 kernels of sweetcorn on it. I dropped it only a few feet from shore in some lillies. Woudlnt you know it the darn ultralight almost flew off the bank into the water! I had a wonderful fight for quite sometime...almost spolled my little ultralight, Fought the fish for at least 5 min but I just didnt have the muscle with that small pole to get it through the lillies.. End day #2

Day 3 - OK so I am beginning to re-think some tactics. After nary a tap on the boilies for 2 days I ditched em. Kept my method mix the same. I also ditched the heavy large feeder. I went with the wire coil feeder, and on my other rod i used a hair rig baited with nothing but sweetcorn. No weight, just swivel and hook and corn. That was the ticket. FINALLY! Again, not very far from the bank, in lillies. The simplest rig i had tried yet. Nothing fancy or flavored, just sweetcorn on a hair rig heh. I went home after that.

Day 4 - I decided to just throw some food in the water at 3 spots i had been scoping out. I kept my method mix the same, but added some grits for extra filler. I also went to a restaurant supply store and got a case of industrial sized #10 cans of corn, haha. Its easier that way. After i threw all my food in the water I decided to walk the bank in a different section of the lake just to see if i could see any fish hanging out and try and catch em on the random. I settled into a spot that looked particularly carpy. Had a nice snag sticking out of the water right near a bunch of lillies. Again, nothing but sweetcorn and a hook. Within 5 min at the spot i began to see bubbles slowly moving across the surface...Then a rolling fish...the bubbles now moved closer and closer to my bait and BAM. Not even there over 6 min, Fish #2.

I learned a few things over the last week. I like to keep things simple, at least on this body of water. I need a net. I had to get into the water to get these fish out, both times. Good thing i had rubber boots on. I also would like a mat to de-hook the fish...and a scale because i have no idea what these babys weighed. That first one was fat! Both fish were gently handled and released promptly.

My confidence in boilies is not super high right now, maybe ill go back to them in a larger body of water.

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#2 Doc Watson

Doc Watson

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Posted 28 April 2012 - 07:53 AM

Good to see you made it over there. B) I see you found that those fish are still particular to the KISS method of carpin'.

All I ever use there is sweet corn and a hook and bobber. Chum the area with a can or two of corn and then drop my bait, within a 6-10 feet from shore, in the center of the chummed area and wait for the action. I do try to stay away from the pads, but those fish always seem to head for them when hooked.

Another thing is that I only fish for them with my light spinning tackle, 5' rod (light or ultra light) 6 lb line and maybe a split shot to get the bait past the sunnies. Makes the fish you do catch a lot more fun. ;) I've lost more than a few fish in those pads, but if you can keep them clear of them (that's gettin harder as the patches of pads get larger and close off more shore access every year) the fish are good fighters for lake fish.

Keep at it. There are some really big fish in there.

#3 GC


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 12:10 PM

Sweetcorn is an instant carp turn-on. Keep things as simple as possible. Congrats on landing some healthy looking specimens.

#4 mr.fish


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 07:35 PM

Don't give up on the boilies just yet. They are always going to work better if you are prebaiting with them before hand. Glad to see you catching after so many years. Keep at it, it will only get more rewarding the more you fish. Thanks for the report.

#5 CarloFunk


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 07:54 PM

Mr. Fish,

I'm definitely not giving up completely on the boilies. I like them, I want them to work. I know that they are probably going to catch me a bigger fish. I only have a single 150g bag of pineapple flavored boilies, but I have thrown probably 60% of them into the water as prebait. I should really just keep one rod with a boilie on it at all times when im fishing just in case. I'm not sure if I want to jump into trying to make them on my own or just buy a big old bag. I;ll probably save money initially just buying premade...initially.

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