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Need Help

13 June 2011 - 10:06 PM

I plan on doing another Muskie rescue on Saturday . I need help we have put 34 muskies from the east branch back to the Maesh its alot of fun . I caught a 40" pure from a ladder coolest thing I have ever done . What we do is push the fish out of the holes into the shallowes then net them its so much fun . I don't expect more than 10 fish but theirs a 43" pig i want bad . I would like to meet at kerr park at 7:30 am you will need the biggest net you have and good wading shoes and shorts change of clothes and a camara . Let me know if you can help I will give up some of my spots to those who help . I am close lipped when it comes to my musky holes but you would be doing me a big favor thanks . Tom

Congratulation Chirs

08 June 2011 - 09:34 PM

Im new but I can admit when im wrong. I traded messages with Chris and know my fish well enough to admit I could be wrong . I netted and released 23 big muskies from the east branch back to the lake . Everyone had a lower jaw that was scraped to shit from the spillway and shallow water .I havent seen all the pics but from the one I saw but the one pic the jaw looked fine . That being I never saw a river fish with a small head but that could be because of the forage in the tidal section . That being said were stocking the Skuke this spring with pigs so its on my radar in 5to6 years . Im sorry Chris for jumping on your ass but youll get used to it if you get to know I hope you do . peace Tom