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14 January 2015 - 10:18 PM

Hey PAC. My name is Shawn aka noem.Ive neen fishing since I was 4 years old in Miami. My dad had a boat and we went out every weekend. During the week i fished lakes. Pretty much fished everyday.I've caught just about every big game fish in the keys.
I moved to northern Virginia when I was 16. The fishing there wasn't great. Thats when I got into archery hunting.
I moved to Delco 3 Years ago. Not much into hunting anymore so I decided to get back into fishing.
I was impressed with all the bodies of water around here. They looked promising. So I headed down to the delaware river (5min for my house)caught some channels and was "Hooked" again. During the warmer months I go fishing 3-4 times a week. But Del. River channel cats are not doing it for me like they used to. Thats when I found out the beasts of the Schuylkill. It reminded me of groupers i used to catch in FL. So ive been reading up on it since last year big time. Fishing in philly kind of intimated me. Im not used to fishing in big cities that im not familiar with. But after all my readings im ready.
I sold some of my old rods and reels, in order to get a new set-up for these monsters. More on that when its completed. Anyway I look forward to meeting some members and fishing with them.

Sorry for the long drawn out intro but im really excited I found this forum( best one I found by far). Ive been reading it for the last 3 days.its nice to see people have the same passion for fishing that I now have again. Thanks!!