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Fall Reports 2014

22 September 2014 - 09:06 AM

As i fall has officially begun, i figured I would start a thread we can all post in to document our fishing adventures.  The chilly wind this morning got me pumped for a hopefully productive fall fishing season.  I am aiming to focus on salt water and walleye fishing this fall.


In the last week, I managed to fish a lake in the Poconos, Oswego and Salmon rivers in NY, and the back bays of OCNJ. 


The weekend of the 13th, Louis and I fished a lake in the Poconos for carp/bass/pickerel for a few days. Louis caught one mirror carp, which was a recapture.  I lost two big fish.  We both caught a bunch of bass/pickerel and sunnies, but Louis' small spinner bait far out-fished my chatterbait.


After a weekend in the Poconos, we headed up to Oswego to meet up with Bill, Bruce, Neil and Doug and Tom for salmon slaughterfest 2014. 


Salmon River and DSR was unfortunately completely dead nearly the entire time we were up there.  I caught a pretty nice fallfish and Bill got one coho on the last morning.  Fishing was VERY poor there.


Fortunately, Louis and i dumped five gallons of bait in Oswego River and over the course of two afternoons fishing, we probably caught about 15 or so carp.  i know the rest of the group got into some carp elsewhere too.


Bill, AKA salmon jesus, AKA the salmon whisperer, managed to lead us all the promised land of the goon infested Oswego dam.  Wednesday afternoon we were all fortunate enough to hook a bunch and land a few.  The fishing there was hilarious as always.  I think 15 fish were dragged back to the car by sun down.  The afternoon was full of laughs and lifting and maybe a few sips of Jim Beam once back at the house.


The trip had an anticlimatic end, when Louis and I returned to Oswego Thursday and it was barren of fish that morning.  Strange how that happens...


Upon returning from that trip, i headed down to OCNJ for a wedding.  Sunday morning I spent about two hours in the late morning fishing dead low tide.  Was surprised that i had very consistent action jigging up fish.  Nothing substantial, but action is action.  I caught flounder up to maybe 15 inches, and some sea bass and puffers.  It was loads of fun catching fish on every cast at times, right out from under boats drifting in front of me who couldn't get a bite.  After the small blues destroyed about of my gulps, I called it a day. 


I'll be fishing the salt again next weekend, and the weather should hold stable through then, so I am looking forward to some more action.  Hoping to toss some live spot for doormats or stripers.


I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.