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I'm back in NJ

16 April 2014 - 11:46 AM

Hey everyone.  I think the last post I made was in 2009.  Gosh - what hasn't happened since then.  I graduated school, married my amazing wife, moved to SC (while on active duty in the USN), a year later moved to NC (for 3 yrs), bought a house, bought a boat, deployed to Afghanistan, was blessed with an amazing daughter (who received her first fishing pole before she was even born), sold a boat, bought another boat, sold a house in NC, and then moved back to NJ.  Phew (that was a busy 4 years !)  We should be buying our permanent house in Southern NJ this Spring.  I'm still active duty Navy, but should "jump ship" in 2015.  Now onto fishing !


This past Sunday, I returned to my trusty Carpin' fishing hole after 4 years.  I prebaited it Saturday night.  Had no luck from 9-11 AM on Sunday, but came back at 3 PM (sun had rotated and I was now fishing in the shade) and it was great !  3 big common's.  I don't have a scale and sling (I want to get that and a good unhooking mat for these big boys).  Funny - I caught one on a hair rig and the other 2 on a regular small hook with 4 pieces of sweet corn.  One pulled my rod completely into the water - 1 second longer and it would have been out of reach !  I will try and post a picture of that monster. Glad to be back and to see some familiar names on here !!  (Let's see if i can post all 3)