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#50282 Osprey Savagely Attacked by Goose

Posted by Illadelphia on 16 April 2016 - 11:41 AM in General Reports, Pictures, Stories & Video

Wow! Crazy stuff

#50273 2016 Trout Season, so far

Posted by Illadelphia on 14 April 2016 - 11:32 AM in Salmonids

I'm sorry for your loss. ;)
Thanks for the report. If the weather holds I'm going to be taking a bunch of kids out Sunday.

That trout still haunts me in my dreams lol. Every time I pass that spot I have to try a line, just to see lol.
This weekend looks freaking amazing to be outside!
I'm sure you and your kids would love it.
Any idea of where you might go?

#50272 Louis, is this your work?

Posted by Illadelphia on 14 April 2016 - 11:25 AM in General Reports, Pictures, Stories & Video

Hey Louis, I remember a previous post about you designing some signage for the water ways in Philly and I saw this in front of my barbers in South Philly.
Just wondering if you had a hand in making this emblem.


#50269 An Anglers Obligation...

Posted by Illadelphia on 14 April 2016 - 09:34 AM in General Reports, Pictures, Stories & Video

I won't lecture and I won't rant but, all I ask is for us to be stewards to the environment and water system that we all have a love for.

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She went to the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center which is only a few minutes from where I found this bird. It should be released sometime soon, hopefully.

#50258 2016 Trout Season, so far

Posted by Illadelphia on 08 April 2016 - 12:20 AM in Salmonids

You are certainly off to a great start! Well done!

Thank you George

#50255 2016 Trout Season, so far

Posted by Illadelphia on 07 April 2016 - 07:43 PM in Salmonids

Sorry for my absence for the last few days.
I've been hunting trout since the opener and man am I tired.
Here's my log so far for the season.
Day 1 (April 2):
Temp: High 50s to mid 60s
Woke up rather late for opening day, 2 A.M. I could hardly sleep from the anticipation. After watching numerous YouTube videos on trout and prepping my gear 10 times over it finally was time for me to head to the water. I got to my favorite spot near Northwestern Ave. on the Wiss around 6:40 A.M. The cloudy day started to open up with a bit of a drizzle while I patiently waited for 8 o'clock to come around.
I fished that spot from 8 to about 10 and I caught over 17 trout (I stopped counting after 17) in that location. Trout dough was the ticket. I literally caught fish over the guys standing right next to me at about a 6 to 1 ratio. They were using everything from Power Bait, spinners, worms of all sorts and artificials of all kinds. For me, I can only catch them on my trout dough the first two days after a stocking.
Around 10 A.M. A buddy asked me to join his party at Lincoln drive . He said they only caught two but missed a ton. I didn't expect there to be many trout down there and was hesitant of going and changing spots but I'm glad I did.
After joining up with my friend I caught another 15 plus trout at those holes and then I had something happen that's never happened before. At 11:30 I hooked the biggest rainbow of my life. It was longer than my arm, from shoulder to finger tip and my arm is 30". It's head was about 3.5" wide from eye to eye. This thing was so ridiculously strong that it ran straight up the middle of the runs and jumped three times out of the fast water. I fought the thing for about 5 minutes running up and down the bank and in and out of the water. But....after that amazing fight and with the fish at my feet....the fish and I made eye contact while he shook my hook and darted away. I haven't felt that type of horrible nausea inducing dissapointment since my pro paintball days. I couldn't sleep that night. But the one solace that I found was in the fact that I personally had the BEST season opener of my life, 32 plus trout that I targeted and caught. Amazing highs and lows that day.
The "trout dough" that I was referring to and the only ones that I use are Gulp Chunky Cheese with Garlic and the same thing in the Chartreuse color. The flavor bits in that stuff really do work and it's proved it year after year. Its awesome stuff and I highly recommend it. I also use almost double the amount that most guys use. About the diameter of a penny to a nickel depending on the size of trout. I also use my drop shot trout rig which I drift under a strike indicator with a slack line to give as little resistance as possible until I set the hook. I also have about a 3-5 ft. Distance from hook to strike indicator to present a nice drift along the sides of any run. My trout rig this year is a five foot Tica Ultralight paired with a Plufger 6920 President reel that's spooled with 4 pound 100% Maxima Fluro (not quite as resilient as Tatsu but better than Abrazx, first season with Maxima). I also have the same line and reel pairing on a custom made 5 foot, 1 weight Apogee rod from a factory in Japan which no longer around. The rod is special because it's a hollow core main body that has a solid tip fused into it which gives it unparalleled sensitivity and strength. I also use only Owners Mosquito Hooks size 10. Very strong thin wire hooks which are barbed but with only the slightest of barbs. Wary trout usually don't feel the hook until it's too late. Also Leland Lures Trout Magnet Trout Floats which act as strike indicators. I always buy a bulk pack at the beginning of every season. They are get for all sorts of pan fish as well.