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   Welcome to the photo journal of the four "fish guys" that maintain this site. Hundreds of our photos are categorized by year and season to the left. Here in our species gallery you can see examples of most  types of fish we have caught. On the animal guys page you can see all of the species of wildlife that have tangled with us. 99.9% of the fish you'll see on our site were safely released.  If you have any questions about the pictures you find in here, don't be afraid to post them in The Philadelphia Anglers Club forum

Freshwater Species

* = none captured in PA

common carp

mirror carp
full scale mirror carp

koi carp

grass carp

smallmouth buffalo*

northern snakehead

shorthead redhorse

white sucker

quillback Sucker

mountain  sucker

moutnain whitefish


bluntnose minnow

golden shiner


blue catfish

white catfish

brown bullhead

yellow bullhead

flathead catfish

channel catfish

chain pickerel

spotted gar

brown trout
tiger trout

brook trout

rainbow trout


coho salmon

king salmon

pink salmon

landlock salmon

american shad

hickory shad

american eel

striped bass




black crappie
white crappie

rock bass

largemouth bass

smallmouth bass


yellow perch

Saltwater Species *

striped bass


king mackerel

amber jack

jack crevalle


sergeant major


silver porgy

hardtop catfish

mutton snapper


yellowfin tuna


dolphin fish/ mahi mahi

sea bass

sea robin

sand shark / dogfish